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 Galta Leopard Safari

Galta Leopard Safari is located in the hills of Galtaji in Jaipur. Galta is ancient Hindu pilgrimage place in Jaipur and important centres of the Ramanuja sect. Galta has emerged as new hope for leopard near Jhalana Leopard Safari.

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galta leopard safari
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Galta leopard Safari is new destination for leopards along with the line of Jhalana Leopard Safari in Kho branch of Aravalli hills. Galta is located in Jaipur and it is perfect tourist destination along with attraction of Galta Peeth.

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Rajasthan government has planned develop Galta forests as leopard habitat & begin tourist leopard safari in Galta Valley. Earlier there was a proposal to make jungle corridor bettern Galta Leopard Safari and Jhalana Leopard Safari.
galta leopard safari

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